"Switching to Petro-Canada’s PURITY™ FG has reduced costs, increased our up-time and improved the performance of our equipment."

Paul Needham AV Technology and Reliability Engineer, Cadbury

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Lubricants for Food and Beverage

A pure advantage for the food and beverage industry.

PURITY FG greases, fluids and oils were designed to meet the stringent safety and performance demands of the food and beverage industry worldwide.


PURETOL white oils offer some of the highest standards of purity and quality to meet the food and beverage industry’s demanding white oil standards.


REFLO refrigeration compressor fluids are formulated for commercial refrigeration systems.

Meets your high standards

Our food-grade lubricants and greases fit perfectly into a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and GMP plan, and carry a full set of food-grade lubricant and grease credentials including NSF H1 lubricants with incidental contact requirements.

A pure advantage

Petro-Canada base oils are 99.9% pure, thanks to the HT Purity Process. Our lubricants, formulated from these base oils, deliver exceptional safety and performance to meet the stringent demands of the food and beverage industry worldwide.