"Since we switched to SENTRON™ LD 5000 for our gas combustion engines we’ve experienced nothing but success with the product."

Isayev Sergei Nikolayevich Technical Director, Norskiy Keramicheskiy Zavod

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Lubricants for Gas Plants, Pipelines and Power Generation

Lubricant solutions for today’s natural gas plants, pipelines and power generation.

SENTRON natural gas engine oils are formulated for natural gas engines, offering longer service life and cleaner engines


PEERLESS greases provide extended service life under the most extreme temperatures


Petro-Canada provides a complete line of lubricants for gear drives and bearing systems operating under the toughest conditions — whether under extreme pressure or wide ranges of temperature.

Increase productivity and reduce operating costs

High temperatures, pressure swings, extreme conditions — these are all standard conditions for the power generation industry. But they’re tough on the life, maintenance and productivity of your equipment — and even tougher on your bottom line. That’s why Petro-Canada has developed a full line of top-performing greases, oils and fluids for power generation to increase your productivity and cut operating costs.

Protect hard-working equipment

Processing and transporting natural gas demands reliable equipment, day after day, year in, year out. The lubricants you choose are crucial to your engines, turbines and compressors. That’s why Maintenance and Purchasing Managers in the gas industry turn to Petro-Canada for oil, grease and lubricant solutions that keep their equipment running smoothly.