Automatic Transmission Fluid: DEXRON-VI

Shifts the paradigm for automatic transmission fluids

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DEXRON®-VI Benefits

  • Durability of frictional properties
  • Improved film strength and wear control
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability
  • Enhanced shear stability

Enhanced performance

DEXRON-Comp-Stats-EDEXRON-VI ATF has improved oxidation, thermal and shear stability to provide extra protection under severe service and start-stop conditions. Its exceptional anti-foam control, superior anti-wear protection, and outstanding low temperature fluidity protects parts such as bearings, bushings and gears. It is completely back-serviceable in all DEXRON-III and IIE applications. Talk about a liquid asset. During GM oxidation stability tests, DEXRON-VI outperformed DEXRON-III in resisting oxidation, demonstrating its ability to protect longer, decrease deposit formation and deliver a consistent shift-feel operation.