Industrial Gear Oils: ENDURATEX

For severe load and extreme temperature conditions

ENDURATEX Applications and OEM Standards

Providing innovative solutions that go beyond today's standards

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  • ENDURATEX gear oils are high quality, extreme pressure lubricants designed for enclosed industrial gear drives operating under severe load conditions or in wide temperature extremes
  • With leading edge additive technology, Petro-Canada’s ENDURATEX gear oils are exceptional quality lubricants with long-lasting protection to increase productivity and save you money
  • ENDURATEX products meet applicable OEM specifications

ENDURATEX-Comp-Stats-Temp-E-thumbENDURATEX XL Synthetic Blend outperforms standard EP products.

ENDURATEX XL Synthetic Blend Advanced all-season EP protection.

For top quality performance in every season, choose ENDURATEX XL Synthetic Blend — multigrade EP gear oil designed to help eliminate seasonal change-outs and keep equipment protected all year long.


Premium Performance. Maximum Protection.

ENDURATEX minimizes sludge and varnish deposits for outstanding protection of gears and components