Industrial Gear Oils: HARNEX

Lubricates onshore and offshore wind turbine gearboxes

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HARNEX Benefits

  • HARNEX is a premium synthetic lubricant designed to provide exceptional anti-wear/EP and protection from salt water corrosion
  • Resists rust and corrosion for smooth, trouble-free operation
  • Protects against micropitting and scuffing of gear teeth and provides extended bearing life under extreme conditions
  • Withstands breakdown at high temperatures to increase time between drain intervals, saving time and labour
  • Provides excellent compatibility for gearbox materials and with mineral-based gear oils for easy changeovers from mineral products

HARNEX-CompStats-Timken-Test-E-thumbTimken Extreme Pressure Test

HARNEX provides high Timken extreme pressure load protection under the toughest conditions.

HARNEX-CompStats-4-Ball-EHARNEX delivers high wear performance under extreme pressures

It’s designed using polyalphaolefin (PAO) chemistry that helps deliver good oil film thickness over a broad temperature range. The high viscosity index and low traction coefficient of this oil combine to help provide significant reduction in power consumption in many gear drives.