Hydraulic Fluids: HYDREX

Hydraulic fluids for extreme temperature ranges

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HYDREX Benefits

  • HYDREX means more uptime, increased productivity and better energy efficiencies†† Energy efficiencies apply to multigrades only
  • Its long life helps extend drain intervals for reduced change-out costs, and cuts down on reservoir exposure to external contaminants
  • HYDREX’s strong oxidative stability minimizes harmful sludge build-up that can lead to wear and shortened filter life
  • Reduced maintenance and mechanical failure, and prolonged equipment life

Comp-Stats-HYDREX-EHYDREX long lasting, worry free hydraulics

In the definitive Vickers 35VQ-25 test, wear is measured by the weight loss in the hydraulic pump’s ring and vanes. HYDREX provides up to two times better wear protection than the leading global brand of hydraulic oil.