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PURITY FG Benefits

  • PURITY FG greases resist water washout, water jet spray and most sterilizing chemicals used in cleaning, better than many competitive food-grade greases — reducing the downtime needed for re-greasing
  • Petro-Canada’s PURITY FG carries a full set of food-grade lubricant and grease credentials including NSF H1 lubricants with incidental contact requirements

Comp-Stats-PURITY-EPURITY™ FG Greases deliver high resistance to water washout

Better water resistance than non-food grade and some specialty food grade competitors means greases stay where they’re needed longer.

PURITY-Comp-Stats-Wear-Protection-EPURITY FG SYNTHETIC EP Gear Fluids deliver stronger wear protection

than many major oil companies’ and specialty lubricant suppliers’ fluids. Less wear means fewer production upsets, higher productivity and helps to lower maintenance costs.
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