Compressor Fluid: REFLO

For refrigeration applications

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REFLO Benefits

  • Formulated to provide reliable, long-term performance
  • Lower oil volatility and solubility can reduce fluid consumption and maintenance costs
  • Lower solubility in ammonia helps improve refrigeration efficiency
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability extends fluid life, reducing maintenance costs and downtime
  • REFLO A is approved by or meets the requirements of most major compressor OEMs

REFLO-Comp-Stats-Solubility-EREFLO A delivers low maintenance costs and long-term peace of mind

Formulated to provide reliable, long-term performance which may lead to potential operational cost savings.

Solubility with Ammonia

Less solubility in ammonia can improve system performance and efficiency, ensuring better protection against wear and lower maintenance costs.

REFLO-Comp-Stats-Evaporation-EEvaporation Loss

Lower oil volatility can reduce oil carry-over experienced with solvent refined paraffinic and naphthenic fluids.